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Refueling the Future of Heating with Hydrogen

Refueling the Future of Heating with Hydrogen

The hydrogen city: clean, green & another nail in the fossil fuel coffin The Fifth Estate, April 12, 2016. Image credit: brainbuffet Hydrogen produces only water and heat when burnt and, if made using renewable fuels, is zero carbon. Leeds in the UK is investigating the potential to convert its natural gas to hydrogen in a

ammonia refrigeration

80% of UK Ammonia Refrigeration Fails to Meet Standards

Bryan Kilgore for Zondits, April 3, 2015 Less than 20% out of a survey of 100 food manufacturing facilities in the UK using ammonia refrigeration systems met the required safety legislation. Many of these facilities are working with ammonia refrigeration systems for the first time due to environmental laws related to refrigerants. The survey was


Energy Efficiency Opportunities for SMEs

How SME hotels can make big energy efficiency savings fast Green Wise Business, February 16, 2015 It’s a shocking fact that in 2015 UK companies of all sizes continue to miss out on billions of pounds in energy efficiency savings. DECC study  A recent study published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change found


Economy Grows, Yet UK Energy Consumption in 2013 Lowest Since 1985

Increased wealth typically leads to increased energy use – but this link appears to have been broken by technology and government policy. New analysis of government statistics for BBC News shows that the average person in the UK is using 10% less electricity than five years ago.