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Stanford Engineers Advance Solar Cell Efficiency

Stanford Engineers Advance Solar Cell Efficiency

Transparent coating keeps solar cells cool and efficient throughout the day Gizmag, September 23, 2015. Image credit: Theen Moy Stanford engineers have developed a transparent silicon overlay that can increase the efficiency of solar cells by keeping them cool. The cover collects and then radiates heat directly into space, without interfering with incoming photons. If mass-produced,

orientation for solar long-term sustainable goals

Rhode Island’s Long-Term Sustainability Goals Encourage Solar & Wind

Solar panels helping RI to meet renewable energy goals Turn to 10, May 20, 2015. Image credit: afrndz About 1,600 solar panels now sit on what was once vacant town-owned land, generating enough electricity to power 100 homes, and bring in $3,000 in annual tax revenue to the town of Richmond. With more states offering