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Making Green, Energy Efficient Schools a Priority

Making Green, Energy Efficient Schools a Priority

Community Reinvestment Act can boost energy-efficiency, funding for low-income schools The Hill, February 23, 2015 One in five Americans spends his or her days in our nation’s 140,000 K-12 schools. Those schools spend close to $8 billion a year on energy costs, the second-largest line item in a school budget after personnel costs. The Environmental Protection


Schoolchildren in Scotland Using Bikes to Power Printers

Dumfries and Galloway schoolchildren use bikes to run printers BBC News South Scotland, February 7, 2015 The paper-free office remains, for many of us, a bit of an improbable dream. But it might come a little bit closer if you had to jump on a bicycle and get pedalling every time you wanted to use

Energy Efficiency

Developing a High Performance School Initiative

Various high performance school initiatives have been developed, representing a broad range of comprehensiveness, including efforts that address all areas of construction and facility operation, to those that address only energy efficiency or renewable energy.