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What Would it Take to Build a Global Supergrid?

What Would it Take to Build a Global Supergrid?

Let’s Build a Global Power Grid IEEE Spectrum, July 28, 2015. Image credit: Funkenschlag / Power Grid Reports abound of homeowners and businesses unplugging from the power grid and opting instead to generate and store their own electricity. Such grid defections may make sense in places where electricity rates are sky-high or service is spotty. But

reducing carbon emissions

5 Ways Energy Efficiency is Reducing Carbon Emissions

5 ways energy efficiency is changing the world Eco-Business, April 6, 2015 1. It’s making energy smarter The power generation industry is the world’s largest energy consumer, and some fuel sources and technologies can be extremely inefficient. A plant’s electrical system can consume between seven and 15 per cent of all the energy it produces, taking