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New York: A Testbed for Innovation

The Customer-Centric Electricity Grid Rocky Mountain Institute, June 17, 2015. Image credit: Joe Loong In 2014, New York State launched Reforming the Energy Vision (REV), a regulatory proceeding aiming to rewrite from scratch how the state’s electric grid operates. Alongside traditional assets such as big power plants and transmission lines, for the first time in the

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Tesla Promises Their Suite of Battery Products “Don’t Suck”

Tesla Unveils Home Battery: 5 Reasons It’s a Big Deal National Geographic, May 1, 2015. The automaker unveiled a suite of battery products Thursday—each geared for homes, businesses, and utilities—that promise not to “suck,” to use CEO Elon Musk’s choice label for competitors. The home battery, a sleek, mountable unit dubbed Powerwall, will be available


Integrating Renewables into the Grid

How renewables are changing the way we operate the grid Utility Dive, February 23, 2015 The only thing today’s power system has left in common with the 20th century grid is that the standard is still cost-effective reliability. Today’s grid operator does things that were fairy tales in 1999. Iowa and South Dakota got over


Energy Storage Key to Grid Connectivity

Experts Tout Storage At Wyoming Energy Conference Wyoming Public Media, February 16, 2015 Energy storage will be a key part of the grid of the future, according to industry experts speaking at this month’s Wyoming Infrastructure Authority conference. Currently, power generation and consumption are balanced in real-time, but storage would allow power generated now to

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Investing in Solar Energy Beyond the Grid

What Fenix International’s Investment Says About Solar Beyond the Grid in 2015 Huffington Post, February 2, 2015 We’re only one month into 2015 and it already looks like it’ll be a wild ride when it comes to investment in solar energy beyond the grid. I say that because I recently sat down with a private

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2015 Expected to be the Year of Demand Response

Demand Response in 2015: Connectivity, new rate structures will fuel innovation Utility Dive, January 14, 2015 Demand response has been around since the 1970s, but this year could be poised for more growth than ever. Fueled by the expansion of high-tech devices, advanced networks and new rate structures, it’s no surprise many industry professionals foresee


CHP Users Forced to Pay for Grid Energy They Aren’t Consuming

CHP Users Forced to Pay for Grid Energy They Aren’t Consuming Valerie Eacret for Zondits, January 20, 2015 For all the accolades California receives for its energy efficiency efforts and achievements, some energy policies in the state aren’t so great. Consider this: Grid customers in California who generate their own power are forced to pay