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Ending Michigan’s Coal Dependency

Ending Michigan’s Coal Dependency

Michigan’s crisis: Can the coal-heavy state embrace renewables and efficiency? Utility Dive, March 17, 2015 Michigan officials and electric utilities are rushing to solve the state’s power difficulties ahead of significant expected capacity shortfalls. Last week, Gov. Rick Snyder (R) unveiled a broad strategy that calls for significantly more renewables and energy conservation programs in a state traditionally


Crowdsourcing Opportunities for Efficient Building Technologies

Valerie Eacret for Zondits, March 16, 2015 The U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) recently launched a website to crowdsource ideas for new and more efficient technologies for buildings. The intention is for researchers, product developers, and deployment teams to collaborate, although anyone who is interested may participate. The website is organized


The Advanced Energy Economy Strengthens Global Energy System

Report: Advanced Energy is a Nearly $1.3 Trillion Global Industry AEE News, March 10, 2015 Advanced Energy is as Big as Apparel and Almost Four Times Semiconductors Worldwide U.S. market grew 14% in 2014, five times the rate of the U.S. economy overall With nearly $200 billion in revenue, U.S. advanced energy is now bigger


REV: Aligning the Utility Business Model with Societal Goals

All about the REV: How and why New York wants to develop distributed energy markets Utility Dive, March 3, 2015 The REV — the industry shorthand for the New York Public Service Commission’s Reforming the Energy Vision proceeding — sounds exactly like “rêve,” the French word for “dream.” It’s only fitting given the aspirations of the REV docket: to

Water Heating in the Zero Emissions Age

Water Heating in the Zero Emissions Age Ryan Pollin for Zondits, March 2, 2015 Although standard water heaters come in a few configurations, they have yet to see a significant technology interruption in the same way that HVAC has been swarmed with variable frequency drives, or lighting has been rocked by CFLs and LEDs. Take


The Carbon Advantages of Refrigeration Remanufacturing

Report highlights potential for refrigeration remanufacturing Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Magazine, February 23, 2015 A report from an influential cross-party group of MPs has highlighted the potential for remanufacturing, as a way to reduce both costs and carbon, with refrigerated display cases selected as a key area for improvement. Remanufacturing – defined as “a series

electric motor measured effiiciency

Electric Motor Efficiency Classes in EU, US, and China

Electric Motor Efficiency Classes in EU, US, and China George Sorin Ioan for Zondits, February 26, 2015 The legislatures in the three largest economies in the world (as of 2013 – according to the International Monetary Fund) have similar requirements and classifications for motor efficiency. Because of this, motor manufacturers could design one motor and

Fujitsu Server

Fujitsu’s New Efficient, Space Saving Servers

Fujitsu announces new energy efficient servers Business Cloud, February 10, 2015 While IBM, Dell, Lenovo and HP are battling it out over which server offers the greater performance and power, Fujitsu have delivered a completely different approach to marketing their new range of servers. Focusing on a target market that lacks space and power this