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Is the Home You Are Buying Green Enough for You?

There is plenty to think about when you are buying a home — but little is more important than finding a home you can afford. Among the characteristics recent homebuyers are looking for in a home, energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important.


Can Efficiency Enhance Customer Satisfaction for Utilities?

Across the US, the historic relationship between GDP and electricity demand growth is projected to drastically change. At the same time, utilities’ average capital and operational and maintenance (O&M) expenses are increasing due to aging infrastructure…


Will Clean Energy Really Cost Utilities $48 Billion?

The energy world has been buzzing over the past week with the release of a new Accenture report that predicts significant effects on utility revenues due to distributed energy resources, like energy efficiency and solar energy.

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Regulatory Policies Driving Increases in Utility Investments in EE

The report, “State Electric Efficiency Regulatory Frameworks,” outlines policy developments that support utility investments in electric efficiency programs, including how several states have updated their existing regulatory frameworks for energy efficiency since July 2013.

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Renewable Generation Surpassing Coal & Natural Gas in Energy Price Race

Utility executives say the trend has accelerated this year, with several companies signing contracts, known as power purchase agreements, for solar or wind at prices below that of natural gas, especially in the Great Plains and Southwest, where wind and sunlight are abundant.