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Energy Efficiency Upgrades Are a Win-Win for Easton Area School Board

Energy Efficiency Upgrades Are a Win-Win for Easton Area School Board

Easton Area district may get $8 million in energy efficiency upgrades Lehigh Valley Live, June 15, 2015. Image credit: Taken Constellation NewEnergy officials said the upgrades in lighting, heating, cooling and other systems would pay for themselves in 16.3 years. With interest and financing costs, the project is $10.7 million. Ted Hughes of Constellation said

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Is a Chiller Retrofit Right for Your Building?

Energy Savings Achieved through Retrofits ACHR News, May 11, 2015. Image credit: geralt Not only is the initial financial investment reduced in a retrofit, there are also significant cost savings that can also be achieved going forward. That’s because retrofit upgrades offer significant energy savings, Sylves said. Gray has perfected the question he asks prospective


HVAC Installations Incorporating Green Elements

Green projects are constantly underway throughout the nation and HVAC contractors have embarked upon a number of environmentally conscious efforts, showcasing innovative displays of green awareness that improve energy efficiency and are cost-effective.

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Ask the Expert: Are Pressure Independent Valves Worth the Hype?

The pressure independent valves can provide real savings in systems that have the low delta T syndrome, which seems to affect a lot of campus style centralized chilled water/hot water systems. The low delta T situation is mostly encountered during part load conditions and is manifested in excessive pumping.