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The Importance of Keeping Your Boiler Running Efficiently

Energy-efficient boilers are becoming a popular choice for new buildings The Mississauga News, November 1, 2015. Image credit: Wdwd Boilers are heating devices that generate hot water for hydronic, baseboard, radiant heat or steam radiator heating systems. A boiler works using natural gas, oil, propane or electricity to heat water between 70 and 80 degrees


Energy Efficiency Upgrades Are a Win-Win for Easton Area School Board

Easton Area district may get $8 million in energy efficiency upgrades Lehigh Valley Live, June 15, 2015. Image credit: Taken Constellation NewEnergy officials said the upgrades in lighting, heating, cooling and other systems would pay for themselves in 16.3 years. With interest and financing costs, the project is $10.7 million. Ted Hughes of Constellation said