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California Pledges Switch to Renewables by 2030

California Pledges Switch to Renewables by 2030

Amber Plante for Zondits, October 13, 2015. Image credit: Danny. California governor Jerry Brown said his own version of “hasta la vista” to old state standards on fossil fuels and efficiency by signing into legislation a bill promising that half of the state’s energy demand will be supplied by renewable energy within 15 years. Also included in


California Plans to Double Existing Building Efficiency by 2030

Bryan Kilgore for Zondits, March 13, 2015 In California, commercial buildings account for the second-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, and their contribution is increasing. Among California Governor Jerry Brown’s initiatives are plans to double the efficiency of California’s existing buildings by 2030. It is not economically feasible to tear down an existing building and


Energy Efficiency Likely to Bring Changes in 2015

No, I’m not talking about changes in sea level. Instead, I’m talking about the myriad of changes in energy efficiency that 2015 is likely to bring. It started in 2014, which marked a turning point for energy policy.

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Ambitious EU Climate & Energy Targets for 2030

Confronted with an economic downturn, the challenges posed by climate change, fuel import dependency and rising fossil fuel bills, Europe needs to move rapidly towards a sustainable economy based on renewable energy and energy efficiency.