Disabling Xbox One’s Instant On Feature Could Save Millions

xbox one instant on

Xbox One’s Instant On under heat from energy efficiency group

The Star, March 30, 2015

Turning off the Xbox One’s Instant On function can provide a near 40% reduction in the console’s annual power consumption, saving up to US$250mil (RM927.56mil) across the US, advises an NRDC report.

Microsoft had responded to previous calls for lower power consumption during Instant On mode by decreasing the console’s pull from 18W to 12.5W, but the NRDC is pushing for the feature to become non-standardised across North America.

“If ‘Instant On’ mode was not the default setting, or if Xbox Ones were updated to make disabling the mode easy at set up, we could save up to US$250mil (RM927.56mil) in future energy bills per year in the United States,” wrote Noah Horowitz, Director of the NRDC’s Centre for Energy Efficiency.

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