Osram Achieves 8% Efficiency Increase in Blue LED Chips

Osram boosts efficiency of blue LED chips by 8%

Semiconductor Today, February 16, 2015

Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH of Regensburg, Germany claims that it has achieved one of the best values in the world in terms of forward voltage for blue high-current chips, leading to an increase in efficiency of up to 8%.

Optimized indium gallium nitride (InGaN) chips featuring Osram’s UX:3 chip technology are the basis for blue or white LEDs, and are already used in production. The firm also sees considerable potential for reducing forward voltage by a further 20-30mV by the summer, offering a further boost in efficiency.

The blue Osram Oslon Square (LD CQAR), for example, now has a typical forward voltage of only 2.87V instead of the 3.05V specified so far in the data sheet – the lowest typical values in this component class worldwide, it is reckoned. At 85°C a voltage of 2.78V can be achieved. Depending on the operating point, this translates into an increase in efficiency of these LEDs of 6-8%, which can be transferred to the entire UX:3 chip family, which can be found in all blue and white LEDs. The LEDs are used in a wide range of applications – the Oslon Square, for example, in street lighting and industrial lighting.

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