Bowerman Landfill Converts Trash to Energy

Bowerman Landfill

Gas-to-electricity plant debuts at Irvine’s Bowerman Landfill

LA Times, March 30, 2016. Image credit: Alexas_Fotos

The proverbial link between trash and treasure has evolved into a symbiotic relationship between energy and efficiency with the coming of a renewable-energy power plant to Irvine’s Bowerman Landfill.

The Bowerman Power Project is capturing methane gas from trash and converting it to energy. Click To Tweet

The Bowerman Power Project went into operation this week, converting methane gas, a byproduct of landfill trash, into enough electricity to power 26,000 homes.

Bowerman’s facility adds 160,000 megawatt-hours annually to the grid. It brings the total annual electricity production at Orange County’s landfills to 380,000 megawatt-hours, enough for 56,000 homes.

Bowerman’s 113,000-square-foot plant occupies 2.6 acres of the 725-acre landfill. It features seven state-of-the-art Caterpillar reciprocating engines that convert compressed and cleaned methane gas into electricity. It was built at a cost of $60 million by developer, owner and operator Bowerman Power, a subsidiary of Pittsburgh-based Montauk Energy. It is Montauk’s largest power project to date, according to a news release.

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